Trigger Point Release

Releasing Muscle and Tissue Knots in Known Pain Pathways
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Trigger Point Release

Fascia that surround muscles are worked on with our myofascial release techniques, designed to free up restricted muscles to allow for a greater degree of mobility and flexibility.

However, when fascia inside muscles are causing pain, we use our trigger point release techniques. Trigger points are an all too common cause of pain. They are painful when pressed upon and exhibit their speciality of referred pain. A common example is the trapezius muscle between the top of the shoulder and back of your neck. A trigger point in this muscle will cause pain in the head. This type of trigger point is often at work in people who experience recurring headaches, for example. If left untreated, and they can be simply treated, trigger points can lead to multiple patterns of pain around the body.

Our therapist is qualified to seek out these trigger points and to use massage techniques to begin to release the tension from them. This,in turn, usually begins to relieve our clients of chronic recurring pain. For some clients it is after one session. Others begin to benefit after a few sessions, it just depends on the extent of trigger points in the body and the lifestyle of each individual.

In addition to massage techniques, our qualified therapist will discuss several aspects of after care with you in order to maximise and sustain your recovery. Fortunately, trigger points are simple to treat.

I had been through several visits to two different doctors before one of the doctors suggested trying trigger point therapy. I was fed up taking painkillers all the time for the dull swathes of pain in my lower back and the back of my legs. I was recommended Stirling Sports Therapy and after three sessions I am beginning to get my gardening life back. In fact, I’m feeling so much better all over really. I try my best to keep on top of my stretching routine that Lara planned with me. So far, so good!



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Trigger Point Release

  • rapid removal of built up tension in your muscles and soft tissues
  • immediately induces a state of complete relaxation in you
  • more efficient flow of blood around your circulatory system
  • can reduce your blood pressure
  • can boost your immune system’s lymph flow to defend against bacterial and viral infection
  • can improve pain management in cancer patients
  • can promote digestion
  • can reduce constipation
  • has been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol
  • can lead to a reduction in fatigue, anxiety and depression
  • can reduce some of the effects of arthritic debility in joints
  • can ease the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • helps your muscles carry out the processing of nutrients with greater efficiency
  • your muscles will be more able to get rid of waste products and toxins that would otherwise reduce your feeling of wellbeing
  • can relieve cramps and muscle spasms and can bring about a decrease in muscle fatigue
  • can relax, soothe and tone your muscles
  • can loosen your joints and improve your range of motion
  • can calm and stimulate your nervous system
  • Releases endorphins
  • Reduction in pain
  • Supports relaxation and improves sleep
  • Alleviates the restriction of muscles as well as tension and stiffness

Trigger Point Release

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