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Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you are a sports person or someone who works in an office, we can help you get back to full mobility following injury. Injury can be the result of a direct impact of some sort during sports training or competition. Or, it can come about as a result of posture-related issues brought about as the result of some specific body weakness over time. This second category is extremely common among our non-sports clients, often as a result of family life or demands of work.

Sometimes dysfunctions bring about injury while in other situations it is injury or weakness that brings about certain dysfunctions. We will work with you in a way that looks at your lifestyle and your body as a whole to get to the root of your dysfunction and to implement treatment and strategies to get you back to moving and feeling much better than before.

We will work with you to loosen up your tight bits and will plan with you to help you tighten up the loose bits!

I have been driving buses for 15 years now. Over the last 4 years, my lower back pain had become a bit much to bear. I then began getting pain down the back of my legs too. My wife forced me to try massage and Lara has been able to do myofascial release and trigger point release with me. My back and legs now don’t give me as much discomfort while at work and I have more movement in those areas too. For the first time in a long time I can now do hamstring and back stretches because Lara has begun to free those areas up. I can’t recommend Stirling Sports Therapy enough.


Bus Driver

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Injury Rehabilitation
What’s in it For You?

  • Rapid removal of built up tension in your muscles and soft tissues
  • Immediately induces a state of complete relaxation in you
  • more efficient flow of blood around your circulatory system
  • can reduce your blood pressure
  • can boost your immune system’s lymph flow to defend against bacterial and viral infection
  • can improve pain management in cancer patients
  • can promote digestion
  • can reduce constipation
  • has been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol
  • can lead to a reduction in fatigue, anxiety and depression
  • can reduce some of the effects of arthritic debility in joints
  • can ease the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • helps your muscles carry out the processing of nutrients with greater efficiency
  • your muscles will be more able to get rid of waste products and toxins that would otherwise reduce your feeling of wellbeing
  • can relieve cramps and muscle spasms and can bring about a decrease in muscle fatigue
  • can relax, soothe and tone your muscles
  • can loosen your joints and improve your range of motion
  • can calm and stimulate your nervous system
  • Releases endorphins
  • Reduction in pain
  • Supports relaxation and improves sleep
  • Alleviates the restriction of muscles as well as tension and stiffness

Injury Rehabilitation

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Your body has the natural ability to heal itself. Our Massage Therapy and Sports Therapy techniques are effective in helping the body’s muscles and connective tissues to remodel and realign. We help you get back to full function by targeting the root cause of your condition. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our Testimonials section to see what some of our clients are saying!