Massage and Sports Therapy Testimonials from some of our Falkirk customers.

Being a sports therapist myself, I felt comfortable and at ease with Lara. She has great knowledge and goes the extra mile for everyone. Very good standard and a fantastic treatment.

Erin Irvine

Sports Therapist

After just one remedial massage session, my back pain has greatly reduced. I feel much less tense now and I can’t recommend Lara’s treatment enough. Thank you.

Thomas Beaton

Sports Therapist

I contacted Lara to have a Swedish massage the day after an eight hour bike ride. What can I say, but it was amazing! I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my whole body. I have now booked a one hour sports massage from Lara four days before my next 100 mile sportive ride!

Thomas Stevenson

Train Driver

I was getting fed up going in to work every day with lower back pain. Bent over for hours stretching into the engine bay of car after car began to put my back and hamstring muscles out of alignment. Things were getting unbearable and was fed up masking some of the pain with tablets so I was persuaded to try and get some massage help. I’ve had a few sessions with Lara, who has used a variety of different massage techniques to help me and I can now feel the good this has done. It is so much easier now to look after myself with regular massage and easy exercises.

Brian Ross

Car Mechanic

Just finished getting my first sports massage and it was absolutely brilliant! I would thoroughly recommend Lara.

Dylan Mooney

I was just feeling generally lethargic all round. I had a niggling twinge in both my shoulders any time I tried to raise my arms. It was painful and I thought I could just grin and bear it. But there comes a point when you think ‘why should I continue to put up with pain’ when you can try and do something about it. So, my work colleague recommended Lara and I booked in for what turned out to be a mixed massage. I can’t believe how much more energy I have after a few massages! Also, those twinges in my shoulders are now gone – they turned out to be scar tissue in the shoulder muscles as a result of previous damage not healing properly. Great service and knowledge from Lara.

Steven Wilson


My big issue was recovering from my lengthy training sessions while at the same time doing a heavy day job. Having benefited from my first proper sports massage, I am now looking forward to some more. I really felt the benefit from the first and was able to do a lengthy run with my hamstrings and shins feeling less tired. Combining treatment from Lara with my training schedule has improved both my performance and recovery.

Lisa Thomson

Lara’s Sports Massage on my whole upper body has transformed how I feel. No longer do I get all tensed up. No longer do I get headaches. My whole upper body now feels free and relaxed. Why did I not do this so much earlier in my life? Totally transforming.

Peter Craig

Process Engineer

Lovely homely relaxing environment. So relaxed after my Swedish massage at the weekend. So good that my husband has now booked a block of four. Brilliant experience!.

Gail Jardine

Admin Worker

Lara’s wonderful service has relieved the pain and tightness I had down both arms. I’m able to do so much more now and for much longer too. This has changed my whole outlook on things. Once a month I now visit Lara just to keep things going.

Helen Strachan

Child Care

A colleague in work recommended a visit to Lara to treat my upper back, neck and shoulders. Over the years tension had built up in those areas and was really giving me lots of discomfort. Lara has now begun to release all the tension and has provided me with tips on my posture too, now that I am able to. After two sessions I now don’t get a headache every day. Thanks Lara, I’ll be back for more. Money well spent!

Heather Pollock

General Nurse

Lara has an excellent knowledge of sports related injuries and a professional and pragmatic approach to remedies. So impressed with Lara’s attitude towards my hamstring injury. What a difference the massage and stretching has made to my daily life.

Kathleen Johnston


Your body has the natural ability to heal itself. Our Massage Therapy and Sports Therapy techniques are effective in helping the body’s muscles and connective tissues to remodel and realign. We help you get back to full function by targeting the root cause of your condition. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our Testimonials section to see what some of our clients are saying!